Fleet Central

Cllr Alex Gray was succesfully elected in May 2015 to Hart District Council to represent Fleet Central. He has also been a Member of Fleet Town Council since 2014.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/alexgrayfleet

Email: alex.gray@hart.gov.uk

Alex has lived on Aldershot Road in Fleet since 1995. He went to Heatherside Infant and Junior schools, Court Moor and Farnborough Sixth Form. He previously played football for Fleet Spurs and Hart FC, before stopping to play rugby for Camberley and golf for the North Hants Golf Club. 

Whilst at University and for a number of years beyond, Alex was part of the Royal Marines Reserves based in Bristol and then in London where he undertook arduous physical and mentally exhausting training. During his service time he was deployed north of the Arctic Circle on a training exercise and even climbed Mont Blanc! 

He has worked in various roles in the private sector, from business intelligence, to the property, infrastructure and energy sectors. 

The local Conservatives communicate regularly with residents through inTouch and are often out knocking on doors to hear residents views. If you would be able to deliver inTouch in your road, please drop us a line to fleet.central@nehc.org.uk.

The local Conservative branch also holds regular drinks, dinner and other events all year round. If you would like to come along to an event - even simply out of curiousity - do get in touch. You can either email us or give the office a ring on (01256) 473537.