James beats land speed record by a mile!

On Wednesday 6 November, James Arbuthnot, MP for North East Hampshire, set out to beat the 763.035 mph land speed record currently held by Andy Green, at the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car simulator at the House of Commons.

The car is totally British-designed, and built by a group of top scientists and engineers. It will be used in the 2015 attempt to break the current land speed record, which has been held by Britain for the last 30 years. Jet- and rocket-powered, it is capable to setting a new record of 1,000 mph.

James said: ‘This car is the perfect flagship to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. I would urge all local schools and companies to get involved with this fantastic British project. Although I managed to beat Andy’s record, reaching 1013 mph, I attribute this almost entirely to the fantastic engineering of this remarkable car. And thank goodness I am only attempting to beat the record in a simulator – the real thing would be absolutely terrifying.’

The Bloodhound SSc is being used to spearhead a project to encourage more young people to take up science and engineering. Rollout and first test runs for the world land speed record begin in 2015 in the Hakskeenpan desert in South Africa, which local teams have been clearing stones from the run in preparation.


More information about the project can be accessed at: www.BLOODHOUNDSCC.COM