Odiiham with Ranil Jayawardena

On 9th October 2015, Barclays Bank will be closing their branch at Odiham.

Banks in rural areas such as Odiham make life a lot easier for those who cannot travel independently; that's why Ranil was dismayed to hear that Barclays in Odiham is closing. He met with Julia Husband and Matthew Bell, representatives from Barclays, where he urged them to ensure that the older and more vulnerable groups have a smooth transition - particularly given that 40% of customers have been identified as solely reliant on the Odiham branch.

Following the closure, the nearest branch for Odiham residents will be at 255 Fleet Road, Fleet. Personal customers can use the local Post Office at Odiham to withdraw cash using their debit card and personal and business customers can deposit cheques in the same way at normal Post Offices. Customers aren't currently able to deposit cash at Odiham Post Office but can do this at the Post Office at 3 Grand Parade, Station Road, Hook.