Ranil Jayawardena meets with Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Ranil Jayawardena met with Mary Edwards, Chief Executive and Liz Padmore, Chairman, of Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

It was a chance to see how the Government's investment in the last five years has paid for record numbers of clinical staff to deliver better care. This includes over 9,100 more doctors, over 8,200 more nurses and over 2,100 more midwives in the NHS. The plan is to look forward too though, and this is why the Government will be bringing the total additional NHS funding to £10 billion in real terms by 2020-2021.


Ranil was given a tour of the developments to the hospital, saw the new facilities, talked to staff and met patients; all this really demonstrated that the hard work they are doing is paying off. Ranil is proud that hospitals such as Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital are thriving under the leadership of Mary and Liz, along with the dedication from the nurses, doctors and countless other staff members.