Resolution to Post Office / Horizon system problems proposed

Members of Parliament yesterday met senior representatives from the Post Office to discuss some issues raised by a number of SubPostmasters and SubPostmistresses concerning apparent shortages and branch accounting procedures.


James Arbuthnot MP, who convened the meeting, which included Post Office Ltd Chairman, Alice Perkins and Chief Executive, Paula Vennells, suggested that the cases raised at the meeting should be examined individually and that the process of examination and the conclusions reached should be robust and transparent.


The Post Office has agreed to commission an external review of these cases.


Paula Vennells, Chief Executive, Post Office Limited, said:  “The Post Office continues to have absolute confidence in the robustness and integrity of its branch accounting processes.  We have no hesitation in agreeing to an external review of these few individual cases that have been raised with us by Mr Arbuthnot and some of his fellow MPs.”


James Arbuthnot MP, who convened the meeting, said:  “It is in the interests of everyone involved – constituents, their MPs, and Post Office Ltd – to get this matter resolved. I think that what has come out of today’s meeting is a very positive and mature process which will yield good, trustworthy results.”


Each of these cases will be reviewed and handled individually. Every MP whose constituent reported problems will be given the opportunity of a meeting, and where the MP wishes, a further meeting with the MP’s subpostmaster constituent.  Branch training and support processes will be fully reviewed and any recommendations implemented as appropriate.