Ranil Jayawardena - Member of Parliament for North East Hampshire - recently met the Chairman and Manager of the Fleet Business Improvement District (BID) to discuss the need for revitalisation and regeneration in Fleet.


Following the launch of his campaign “Revitalise and Regenerate” at the end of last year relating to the revitalisation and regeneration of Fleet, Hook and Yateley centres, Mr Jayawardena took the opportunity to discuss his ideas with Emma Molyneux, Chairman, and Tracey Shrimpton, Manager of the Fleet BID. It was a useful meeting, touching on issues such as infrastructure, parking, shopping and leisure facilities and housing. 


Ranil Jayawardena MP, said: “I am keen to continue working with Fleet BID in progressing some ‘vision work’ on the future of Fleet town centre. I believe there is great potential for Fleet town centre as a modern shopping destination – and, with the right infrastructure improvements, as a great place for our young people to get their foot on the housing ladder.”


Mr Jayawardena continued: “As I continue to progress matters with representative bodies such as the Fleet BID, as well as your local councillors, I would urge you to sign up to my ‘revitalise and regenerate’ petition at: – to demonstrate to Hart District Council that local people really do care about their area and want to regenerate ‘brownfield’ land for new retail and residential development that will benefit the local economy and the local community.”